Tale "Tailor Shoes and Liliput"

Long ago, in the town there lived a shoemaker Grandpa and Grandma. They were very kind. The grandfather who make the shoes while the grandmother who sell them. The money obtained from each shoe sold always bought a lot of food to be distributed and eaten by people who are poor elderly and young children who already do not have parents. Therefore, despite Drudge, they always run out of money. Because they've run out of money, with the remaining leather shoe materials, grandfather made shoes are red. Grandpa said to the grandmother, "If these shoes were sold, we can buy food for the feast later.

Shortly thereafter, Lebanon passed a little girl barefooted in front of their stores. "Poor girl! Amid the cold weather like this do not wear shoes. " Finally they give the red shoes to the little girl.

"What may be created, God would help us", said the grandfather. Night fell, they fell asleep with nyenyaknya. It was a strange incident occurred. Emerged from the forest dwarves carrying leather shoes, took him to the grandfather's house and then make it a very nice pair of shoes. When finished they return to the forest.

The next morning the grandfather was very surprised to see there are a great pair of shoes. The shoes were sold with an expensive price. With the sale of the shoes they were preparing food and many gifts to share with small children on the Feast. "This is all grace of the Almighty".

The next night, heard the voices of working room grandfather. Grandpa and grandma and then peeked, and saw the dwarves who are not wearing clothes is to make shoes. "Wow," cried the old man. "It turns out that make shoes for us is the dwarf." "They must be cold for not wearing clothes," continued the grandmother. "I'll make clothes for them as a token of gratitude". Then the grandmother memotongh cloth, and made clothes for the dwarf. While the grandfather did not remain silent. He also made shoes untup tiny dwarves. After finishing their shoes and Aju juxtapose the dwarves in his office. They also set the table eating, preparing food and delicious cakes on the table.

At midnight, the dwarves arrive. How shocked they see so much food and gifts in the work space grandfather. "Wow, beautiful dress!". Brand immediately put on clothes and shoes that had been prepared deliberately grandparents. When finished eating, they danced with joyous. The next few days dwarves never came back.

But since then, the shoes are made Grandpa always best-selling. So even though they always give food to poor people and orphans, their money still left over for savings. After the incident all, grandfather and grandmother and live happily until the end of their life.