Fairy tales Children: Mia and The Kitty

Mia was a good child care. He lived with his parents in a village. Because the friendly and kind, she has many
friends at home or school environment. Mia is The smallest child among the 4 siblings. Every day, Mia and her brothers always taught discipline and kindness character by his parents.
Mia is very pleased with animals. Animals in the house, dipeliharanya diligently. Mia has long wanted to keep the cat, but her mother forbade pets that are kept in the house because going to the t dirty house.
One day, Mia was going to school. He went to school by walking foot. The distance between home and school is not too far just 300 yards. In the middle road, he saw a small kitten that still fell into the ditch. Mia
feel sorry for the kitten. Then he lifted the kitten from the gutter  and put it in a safe place and then continue his journey to Mia school. Entry bell rang. Mia and her friends went into the classroom. At school, Mia including a bright child. He always included in the rankings 3 great.

He often held a joint study group her friends at break time and after coming home from school. In the study group, they discuss lessons have been learned and also discuss homework given by the teacher. Kriiingg ... Home time bell rings! Mia and her friends immediately rushed to clean up its books and immediately left the room. On the way home, when you're chatting with her friends, Mia saw the child cat sees in the gutter this morning. Kitten-meow miaow while continue to follow Mia. Mia did not realize he was followed by the kitten. Arriving at house, when it will close its doors, Mia was surprised because there is a kitten meowing top of his lungs. Mia just realized that the kitten ditolongnya, followed to home.

Mia please the mother, so she allowed the little cats. "Not allowed!, the animal will make a dirty house, "says Ms. Mia." But rather, sorry for this cat! he did not homeless and have no parents, "said Mia. After a while,
Mrs. Mia finally allow cats to the animal's condition may not neglected and not to contaminate the house. Since then, Mia keep the kitten. Every day he gave a drink and eat kitten. Old-old Mia became very dear to the kitten. Mia kitten named Kitty. Since maintained Mia, Kitty being clean and fat, fur is stripped of three makes it more funny. A few months later, The Kitty becomes large. One day, Mia saw a bird robin lying in his yard. 

Mia approached it and finch lifted. It turns out that injured finch wings and can not fly. Mia treat the bird with great affection. The Kitty feel jealous because Mia feels more affection for finch thereof. Though Mia fixed
love the Kitty. Feeling no longer observed, every Mia does not exist, the Kitty always scare the finch.
After being treated for a week Mia, finch it so well. Some days later, when Mia just got home from school, he saw a bird cage door kutilangnya open and there were bloodstains on the bottom of bird cages kutilangnya. Mia thinking lest the Kitty eat birds Kutilangnya. When looking at the Kitty, Mia became more suspicious because at the mouth of the Kitty contained spots of blood. Because so upset, Mia took a broom and chase the Kitty to hit. The Kitty ran entered into under the bed.
When looked at under Mia was very surprised because there is a snake that was dead on down under his bed. Mia finally realized, the Kitty had saved with the snake bite. Mia just remembered that he forgot to close the cage door bird. Mia sorry when the recall will hit the Kitty. And if there's no Kitty might snake is still alive and could mencelakainya. Finally, be aware Mia his mistakes and embraced the Kitty tightly. Since the incident, so much love Mia with Si Kitty.