Nice read comics Petruk Gareng

Among the comics kungfu, among others orbit the superhero Indonesia such as Panji Skull, Godam, Jake Sembung, Si Buta from Goa Hantu, also tucked comic Tatang S is so famous in the '80s with the story of his comic Gareng Petruk. In addition there are also comic Tatang S-comic artist who also created the character Punokawan families such as HAB, Hidayat Sujana, Rachman, Rowing, Rini U.S., but still they could not rival the popularity of Tatang S.

Tatang Suhendra or commonly known Tatang S. is one of Indonesia's veteran comic artist until his death devoted himself in the comic world. Their work in the world of comic Indonesia has influenced the comic world as well as artists working in the world of comics. His name seems to still feel great even though he had died in 2003.

Of course, besides displaying Tatang S Gareng Petruk and other clown-servants also featured members such as Bagong and also the father of Semar. In his comic Petruk Gareng portrayed in the modern era, with a subordinate in the village community setting Tumaritis. Petruk Gareng often described as unemployed, working odd jobs, a lot of debt, live in the neighborhood who like gambling KSOB, sometimes fishing for leisure. Although always tongpes, those young people who look forward to Saturday night, ladies' man, and womanizer who likes to tease the girls or young widow.

With simple strokes, and black and white images, no nothing serious in every story, humor that does not need to frown into a daily menu, although sometimes also inserted a horror-horror featuring pocong, kuntilanak and so forth.