Studying philosophy "Pandawa Lima"

Apparently the philosophy of existence of our fingers can be explained by the existence of Pandawa brothers,

I got the idea to write this when I touring the Yogyakarta, and Tour Guide I explain about this philosophy:
  1. Thumb - Yudhisthira: as the eldest brother of shade and as an example of good manners in life, Yudhishthira is one of the characters nerimo, in a sense, Yudhishthira is the one who always says, "please" "monggo" in this case, the Javanese people always use the thumb to show direction, (modesty), or express consent (if this seems a universal yes)
  2. Finger finger - Bima: as a giant, known as the Milky Way that is straight and, frankly, although hard and it is, even he only uses Kromo inggil only to the teacher, Dewa Ruci. Bima is known as a hard and trying to remind the stern. Our society, if people scold or remind people, will use an outstretched index finger, which is reminiscent of Bima symbolism error to others.
  3. Middle Finger - Arjuna: lelananging universe known as the dream of every woman. In Inda puppet, Arjuna is depicted as a handsome man, even as his penchant for out of the forest, Arjuna fully described sideboards and rugged looks. Arjuna is known as the dream of every woman, because she was able to "fun" (heart) women. Therefore, if we (the men) "fun" our spouses, should use the middle finger ... :d
  4. Finger Sweet - Nakula: as the twin brother of Sadewa, Nakula actually more handsome than Arjuna, and Nakula is a symbol of beauty, beauty, and harmony. Therefore, the ring as accessories, and as a symbol of the marriage bond, placed on the ring finger, according to the nature of Nakula a handsome, beautiful and harmonious
  5. Little finger - Sadewa:'s youngest daughter and twin sister of Nakula, described as a puppet of the most capable of bringing stability and cleanliness. Nakula even in one story, is the only puppet that can meruwat (clean) Beth Durga to return to his early form (Goddess Uma). If returned to its function, only the little finger is capable of cleaning dirt hidden somewhere (Sorry: the nostrils, ears)