Ande Lumut is derived from Java folklore

Ande Ande Lumut is derived from folklore (Java). This story is known in various versions. Version of the widely known is that links with the history of merging (back) kingdom [Daha] and [FC].
This story tells about a prince who met with Klenthing Kusumayuda Yellow, the youngest of four brothers, the son of a widow in the village where his father Prince Kusumayuda rule. Secretly they remember each other. In the liver, Prince Kusumayuda know, girl seharum roses are candidates for empress Banyuarum the most perfect kingdom. Unfortunately, they never met again.

Several years later, a handsome young man named Ande Ande Lumut announced that he was looking for a wife. Unlike the other village girls and also the brothers Klenting other Yellow, Yellow Klenting reluctant to leave because he was still considering Prince Kusumayuda. But thanks to advice from the stork miraculous salvation, then finally Klenthing Yellow also participated.

In a way, it turns out they have to cross the river deep. At that time, the river keeper munculah Yuyu bebentuk straddle the giant crab. The Crab offers to take across them with the records to be rewarded a kiss. Because the rush-rush, all the girls the other villages soon approve it, with the idea that the prince would not know it. Only the youngest Klenting Yellow reluctant to kiss the Crab. With the cleverness, the youngest to cross without having to kiss the Crab. Since only the youngest who did not kiss the Crab, be Ande Ande Lumut choose the youngest son as best man. Yellow Klenting realized that the youth Ande Ande Lumut is Prince Kusumayuda he loved.