Weeping Stone From Kalimantan

Weeping Stone (Batu menangis)

Like a beautiful month, the body like a marble, grass decomposes as Virgin ... that is reasonable to suppose that pretty girl who lived with his mother that simple in a remote village. Everyone will admit it when looking at the girl. He unceasingly makeup herself. The mirror on the wall of his house was bored though elegant girl kept looking at him. But they drugged the girl's beauty is so arrogant and lazy. He did not realize that the beauty that God gave a blessing to be grateful with humility.

This girl's mother is a mother's gentle, kind and wise. He patiently accompany this girl. He only hopes one day his daughter did not realize how much beauty there is to his face when his arrogant. More sad is also the mother saw her son who was also pretty lazy, and his will must always be obeyed even if not absurd. But his mother kept trying to obey what his daughter was desired. In the morning he prayed, may God help him realize his daughter was. Mother had no power to change it.

One day, as usual the girl locked herself in her room. He did not want the sun damage the skin. He is reluctant to face the dust soiling. He did not like people stealing kemolekannya.

"Mother ...!"

The girl called her mother in a loud voice.

The mother hurried over to her daughter.

"Did not I say that many times I wake up every mother should have set this room to tidy, to provide scrubs and warm water, and juice drinks made for me ...?" He said loudly and angrily.

His mother tried to be patient, "Are not you've grown, my son. You can do it yourself. "

"You know, I'm busy," replied the girl.

The mother just stroked my chest. His heart was restless. Busyness beautify themselves, that's just a lazy daughter always done it.

One day, his mother tried to persuade her son to begin to change bad behavior.

"My mother is old, and if the mother was called by God the Mother not to worry that you can take care of yourself," said his mother.

"I do not want you to be my mother," retorted the girl.

Mom really sad to hear that.

"Well, my son. My mother pleaded with you not only confine themselves at home. Get to know your environment for the mother calmly if one day be called God, "he said with great patience.

Today more and more passes. Finally, the girl wants to do the will of his mother. He does not mind to go anywhere with her mother. Go kepta, to shop, to house relatives even to shopping to the market. But his son was filed on condition that her mother was allowed to admit publicly that she was his mother. As a mother would have cut his heart to hear it.

"Oh God, why to admit I was so ashamed of her mother alone? Why did my son seangkuh that, oh God ... "

People really do not believe the woman is the mother and child. Appearance of the two would be the opposite. The princess was so luxurious, while the mother is very earthy. Even his old mother with a dull outfit is like a maid just like. Moreover, the princess had never allowed near him. If you walk, the mother must be behind it.

"Is it possible she was his mother?"

"Well maybe not?"

"But ..."

People whispered slander that every bebrtemu both.

"No! He's my slave, "she said.

How injury to the mother heard it. His heart was crying and she was really helpless from the pain of his heart. He whispered and begged the Lord.

"In what way you punish the children were proud and evil-minded as this Lord? If he was a child, your servant would be able to understand it. But he was grown up and have a sense. It's not a bus slave amengerti, "moaned.

God always hear the screams of his servant heart. Whatever you want God is certainly a virtue. So when he condemned the arrogant girl, then God must have good will for his people.

One touched the girl suddenly turned to stone because of the arrogant heart dank Eras. The girl realized her mistake, but too late because the punishment had happened. He was just crying. Until now, the rock known as "the Rock Cried".