The fairytale "Timun Mas"

In a village there lived an old widow named mbok Sarni. Every day he spends his time alone, because mbok Sarni not have a child. Actually he wanted to have children, in order to help him work.

On one afternoon went mbok Sarni into forest to search for wood, and the middle of the road mbok Sarni met with a very huge giant. "Hey, where are you going are you?", Asked the Giant. "I just want to collect firewood, so allow me through", replied mbok Sarni. "Hahahaha .... You may pass after you've given me a son of man for me to eat ", said the Giant. Then mbok Sarni said, "But I do not have children."

After mbok Sarni said that she had no children and wanted to have children, then the Giants gave him a cucumber seed. The giant said, "O old woman, I give you this cucumber seeds. Plant the seeds in your home page, and after two weeks you will get a child. But remember, give me the child after the age of six years. "

After two weeks, it seems fruitful cucumber is very dense and there is one large cucumber. Sarni Mbok then picked it up, and after the split turned out it was a very beautiful baby. The baby was then given a golden cucumbers.

Increasingly large golden cucumbers growing, and mbok Sarni very happy at all because his house is not quiet anymore. All work can be completed quickly because the assistance golden cucumbers.

Finally one day the Giant came to collect on a promise. Sarni Mbok very frightened, and did not want to lose the golden cucumbers. Then mbok Sarni said, "O giant, came here two more years. The more mature the child, the more delicious for dinner ". The Giants agreed and left the house mbok Sarni.

Period of two years is not long, therefore every day mbok Sarni find a way how to make their children do not carry the Giant. Heart mbok Sarni very worried, and finally one night dreaming mbok Sarni. In his dream, he was told to meet golden cucumbers hermit on Mt.

In the morning mbok Sarni golden cucumbers ordered to immediately see the hermit. After meeting with the sage, golden cucumber then talked about the purpose of his arrival. The sage then gave him four small packets whose contents cucumber seeds, needles, salt, and shrimp paste. "Throw one at this package, if you're being chased by a giant", ascetic orders. Then cucumber Meas went home, and save a bundle directly from the hermit.

The next morning the giant came again to collect on a promise. "O old woman, where the child? I can not stand to eat it ", shouted the Giant. Then mbok Sarni said, "Do you take this, my son, O giants, because I really love him. I better just what you eat ". Giants do not want to accept an offer from mbok Sarni, and finally outraged. "Where's the boy? Where golden cucumbers? ", Shouted the giant.

Because not bear to see mbok Sarni crying, then the cucumber gold out of hiding places. "I'm here giants, catch me if you can !!!", cried golden cucumbers.

Raksasapun after him, and cucumbers started throwing bags of gold that contains cucumber. Miraculously, the forest into a dense field of cucumber fruit. Raksasapun be hampered, because the trunk is kept wrapped cucumber body. But eventually the giant managed to free as well, and began mngejar golden cucumber again. Then sprinkle golden cucumbers second bag containing needles, in an instant  bamboo trees are very tall and sharp. With bloody feet due to sticking the giant bamboo continues to pursue.

Then the golden cucumbers opened the third parcel that contains salt. Immediately hutanpun a vast ocean. But the sea would be easily passed by the Giant. The latter Timun Gold finally sprinkle shrimp paste, immediately formed a sea of boiling mud, and the giant fell in it. Raksasapun eventually die.

Gold Timun thank God Almighty, because it was saved from a cruel giant. Finally Timun Gold and Mbok Sarni live happily and peacefully.