Village History Sambungsari

Is Tumenggung Prawiro Setya or Prince Sambong one Mataram officials attending the gathering in paseban Basil in preparation for attacking the VOC in Batavia. There was another speech that Prince Sambong is a descendant of Chinese whose real name is Sam Hong. Name important people of Mataram was to record the story closely said to do with the origins of Kota Weleri (Nyai Damariyah), especially Sambongsari Village.

About Sam's name on the self-Prince Hong Sambong can be used as an indication that the historical figure of the past has consisted of various tribes and nations. And if true Sambong came from Sam Hong, nor is it as something strange occurrence. Name Sam Hong in closely with the existence of a tomb, the tomb which supposedly said it had a name Nyah Ka Han. Nyah Petilasan Ka Han was in the village hall Sambongsari. Petilasan it marked only two clogs or sandals are made of soft wood.

Sebai other leaders, Tumenggung Prawiro Setya or Prince Sambong not allowed back to Mataram. He returned from Batavia, one group with Muthohar and Raden Raden Haryo Sungkono. Farewell ketoga Mataram figures came after Muthohar and Raden Raden Haryo Sungkono berketatapan live in an area called Sembung tambar. Tumenggung Prawiro Setya again imprisoned and then continue the journey to the west and become ordinary citizens. That is, his greatness as Tumenggung the release voluntarily. But the public already knows that he is a senior Mataram in the war against the Dutch in Batavia.

Mentioned in the story said that life in the west of the village Sembung tambar, he, together with seperguruannya character named Bah Brontok, a prominent Chinese descent. Another character tells someone named Good Wuragil also known as Den Bagus Bull and Benowo. The last name was not attached Benowo closely with Prince Benowo Tingkir son Jake (some are calling Denowo not Benowo).

Prince Sambong and Bah Brontok is equally pupil Tumenggung Rajekwesi or Ki Ageng Basil. But both are diametrically opposed in placing the learning objectives in Ki Ageng Basil. Prince Sambong white tends to flow, whereas flow Bah Brontok more on black.

Place paseban Sambong told Prince was in a hill, next to the village Sambongsari. Place in the middle of teak forests, which now is believed to be the tomb of Prince Sambong. In addition to the tomb / patilasan Prince Sambong there is a tomb / patilasan again, narrated Sambong Prince's son named Prince Langsih.

As in other areas, Prince Sambong also carry out the task of broadcasting the Islamic religion in a way tailored to the circumstances.
Once familiar with the name of Prince Sambong, our memories of course were on a soap opera character in the play. In the soap opera, was mentioned by Raden Samba, supposedly a son of Grand Duke.

Looking at his time, Raden Samba was contemporaneous with the figures of warriors of Mataram. What is the name Raden Samba later there kemirpa with Prince Sambong? Certainly is not easy to quickly respond with "Yes". But if the note name, it is not too far between Raden Raden Samba with Sambong. Thus there are at least proximity to Paseban Basil.

Living contemporary with Brontok Bah, ternyayta relationship between prince Sambong with Bah Brontok like oil and water. Although they are students or Tumenggung Ki Ageng Basil Rajekwesi, both have a different vision of science. Dialogue about the key to life between the two figures it is often dilakuukan. But not always find a good point.

So Once mentioned, that one day Bah Brontok do chicken fights with Prince Sambong. Chicken Fighter penatas Prince Sambong red, while color belongs Brontok jali Bah. Place beradunya determined that the area Cakra Kembang, near the River / Kali Kutho. People love to see the cock fights do not dare to look at from close range, just from a distance and in places a bit high. The place is now known as moor Sedengok.

After the race was over chicken, both are always bathe in the river near his chicken Cakra Kembang. By the people, the river was known by the name of river / times jenes (gross). There are interesting in the chicken fights. When finished fighting cock, and if the chicken Bah Brontok losing fight, then continued with antarpemiliknya duel. Who often did battle in the story said was the eagle and Good Wuragil Bah, who is said to still younger brother Prince Sambong.

There was another speech, the chicken fights, Bah Brontok frequent fraud. Seeing his opponent pleased with fraud, then the Prince Sambong also doing the same tactics. On one leg of Prince Sambong chicken feet gave cap made of bamboo, so it appears that his chicken legs joined by bamboo (Pring-Javanese). Thus the chicken legs skin color becomes not the same. So in Hamlet Bojengan, which was situated not far from Cakra Kembang that if there is chicken skin color are two different foot is believed that the chickens belonged to Prince Sambong.

Hermitage place two figures it is not too far away. Prince Sambong live in an area named Sambong or Sambongan forest, while living in Alas Brontok Bah Buntu Krengseng area. Places that never used his supernatural powers by both tadnign event is now under the name Randu Sigunting. So called because the tree was grown branched Randu like scissors.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, is spoken in the vicinity of the tomb Penyangkringan now. In ancient times, near the tomb is a former Prince Sambong hoof in a teak stump. Even the battle between Good Wuragil with Brontok Bah jga never happened. Chase chase between the two as far as forests are located in areas Seklayu Krengseng Lebo. And in the woods that there are two tombs are said by the community as a tomb or patilasan Good Wuragil and Bah Brontok.

Good Wruagil called Den Bagus Bull because of the fight with Brontok Bah, soccer terjangnya like bull strength. In a battle of two figures, both reached the top in a joint battle with the dead (MoGo bothongo - sampyuh).

The name of the Prince's wife was not clear Sambong figures. While Nyai Wungu figure is the figure of a woman who first arrived in that place. Similarly tentng Nyai Damariyah or Sri Pandan or Pandansari, character younger woman from Prince Sambong. Meeting these three figures was a blessing, because they've met somewhere before living in his new area. Places mentioned his meeting today with Link taken from the third meeting of leaders that can connect brotherhood again.

It is reported that Nyai Damariyah or Sri Pandan is the figure of a very beautiful woman, and diperebutkn by Good Wuragil and Denowo (not Prince Benowo). In the story said it clearly explained that the heart is more inclined to Nyai Damariyah Good Wuragl. Since he became seizure of two figures which are equally Ssambong Prince followers, his heart is very restless. So he chose to live with Nyai Wungu.

By Prince Sambong Wungu Nyai also advised, if Nyai Damariyah want quiet from seizing two people who both became her best friend, better go somewhere Nyi Damariyah Ki Sido Mukti, which is located on the east Sambongan.
Ki Ageng Sido Mukti is very concerned because of the enmity the two friends who fight Nyai Nyai Damariyah Damariyah. By Ki Ageng SDO Mukti, Nyai Damariyah ordered for washing rice (mesusi-Java). As is usually the place to wash the rice is done in a river. Sido Mukti ki notified by that when Nyai Damariyah mesusi rice, it telusurilah where the cessation of the washing water (pesusan) rice. At the end of the water that is Nyai Damariyah pesusan can live in peace and not be disturbed by anyone.

Water pesusan rice called people with "Leri." When his Damariyah trace where the water stops leri it, it stopped just under two pandanus trees grow side by side yag, and there are trees Lo, at that time called people by name cangkring tree. So the area around the tree that Lo is now in the village known as Penyangkringan. While Nyai Damariyah name called a lot of people by name Nyai Pandansari or Sri Pandan. While the river is a place mesusi / wash the rice finally known or Kali River Damar Damar.

About the end of life Nyai Damar, he is more like an ascetic and his chosen place is under the pandanus trees. It is said that successful Nyai Damar imprisoned it was a very powerful select duel. Hermitage place the latter is under the pandanus trees located on the shores of the sea (the beach near the river downstream Damar / Java Sea). And has become a special note Weleri society that that village has "Danyang" a woman that is Nyai Pandansari. Natural Allaah.

Babad Tanah quoted from the book of Ahmad Hamam Rochani Kendal,